Wednesday, June 18, 2008

known for what you do

He's says,
"Blessed are those that ________ <-- ***positive command***"
becoming meek
showing mercy
making peace

Jesus does not say, "Blessed are those that:
dont ____
have never ___
wont _____
dont watch _____
dont attend ____
dont vote for ______

How much of our world looks at Christ followers and thinks, "Those are the ones that dont ___."
Instead of "Those are the ones that do ___."
We are the citizens of a positive command Kingdom - love, give, abide, remember, sacrifice, share...not ones of - dont cuss, dont chew or go with girls that do. (Why is it only the girls that shouldnt chew? When guys do it, it isnt all that attractive either, right?)
Jesus begins His sermon by explaining what the Kingdom looks like, not what it doesnt look like. What the people should participate in, not abstain from. We are a people of participating, not ones of omission.
Blessed are the positive...and not just in their attitudes.



dan said...


maybe the biggest issue today for being a Christian, as very few people think about the proactive approach to live. jesus gives his followers actions.

good word!

JohnDeere said...

this is really sharp analysis and contrast. nice work to see what the beattitudes are "not" saying.

chad said...

I had a long comment, but I just went ahead and started a new post.