Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Subscribe to FARMStrong Today. ;-)


Some of you are aware of my own blog.  I do quite a bit of writing there on the subject of Christian worship.  Rather than repeating my posts on the Levite Camp site, I want to invite you to read my worship posts on FARMStrong.  If you would like to engage in a conversation on the ideas-- which I would welcome--- you can take one of two routes.  

1.  For a more public conversation just make a comment on FARMStrong.

2.  For a more private conversation among our Design Team you might copy whatever portion of the blogpost that you want to talk about and make a separate blog entry on Levite Camp along with your analysis.  We can then engage with you in the comment field.  

Sound good?  If you read blogs via a feed reader please add FARMStrong as it will make keeping up with posts easier.  If you don't understand how feed readers work, talk to Chad and he will explain.  I recommend Google's Reader.  

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