Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Defining Worship

Tim Hughes has begun a good conversation on his blog concerning the definition of worship.  I encourage you all to read the thread of comments and give it some thought.  And I ask the question of you:  how do you define worship.  As I have said on my own blog.  The way we define worship determines the way we design worship.  

What is missing in the conversation?


dan said...

"Worship is the total alignment of our heart, soul, mind and strength with the will of God. It is our whole-hearted response to God’s extravagant love and mercy."

I really like this definition. The only problem with it is how do we explain all this as the 4 songs we sing as we wait for the pastor to get up and preach....;-)

I am really starting to like the idea of defining worship as an alternate reality. One where we realize who is really in control. And we align our lives to the gravity of that reality. Too often though we end up only dealing with expression and the arts to define worship.

Moderndaymystic said...

"Worship is our response to who God is".

This is the loose definition of worship I've used for several years. The beautiful thing is that as we worship our understanding of God changes and deepens, which in turn changes how we respond to Him.

When I recognize the Father aspects of God - I respond to Him as His beloved child, when God is Teacher - as a student, etc...

This definition places the focus on God. He reveals Himself and as Christians we respond according to the particular revelation.