Thursday, July 3, 2008

THE SERMON: Reading Practices

Hello ChAlSiPaDaJeDa

Love that word.  

I've loved your posts on THE SERMON so far.  I want to refine the challenge though.  
We are 18 days in to the 30 day challenge.  For the next 22 days I want to challenge you to read the sermon aloud to yourself.  It is important for your own ears to hear the Word as well as for your mouth to speak it.  I want to take a step back from interpretive or application oriented work or comments.  In this phase we aren't so interested in what it means as what it actually says and how it says it, it's progression, it's cadence, it's feel and so forth.  I want you to focus on reading and hearing the THE SERMON.  And I want you to make a post oriented around your experience of the text and any observations yielded by this process.  This is what I would call the "walking around the text" process.  We are surveying THE SERMON like a work of art, beholding its beauty, listening for its rhythm, hearing its wisdom and submitting ourselves to its mastery.  Make sense?  I'll try to make a post soon to give you an example of what I am getting at.  

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